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2 About the LP Gas Industry in Japan
Piping Supply System / LPG Bulk Supply SystemLP Gas customers are already using one of the most efficient, clean-burning sources of energy in the world. The history of the LP Gas industry in Japan has been continuing for 50 years. The LP Gas demand in Japan is approximately 20 million tons per year, which accounts for 5% of the Japan's total primary energy demand. LP Gas is used in 25 million households, equivalent to about 53 % of total number of households in Japan, as well as in industrial, auto-gas and chemical feedstock applications.

In household use, LP Gas (propane) is consumed for cooking, water heating, room heating, air-conditioning (Gas-Heat Pump), and electrical generation (Gas-Engine Cogeneration System). Recently, an LP Gas bulk supply system, using small-sized tank trucks in order to optimize distribution costs, has been developed for the household and commercial use in Japan. This system has contributed to the enhancement of LP Gas competitiveness against other energies such as city gas and electricity.
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