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A Overview

 Saisan Co., Ltd. was founded in October 1945 by Jiro Kawamoto, grandfather of current President Takehiko Kawamoto. Its core business was sales of high-pressure gas and related equipment. Today, as one of eastern Japan's leading energy companies, we contribute to the industrial development and a better life for all by providing LP Gas (LPG), other types of high-pressure and medical gases, as well as in the manufacture and sales of related equipment.

Since we are a pioneer in the introduction of LP Gas bulk supply systems, as well as compact auto-gas stations in the Japanese LPG marketplace, we have superior know-how in these areas.

Thanks to you and our customers, we have been conducting high-pressure gas and related businesses for about 67 years as well as LPG and its equipment businesses for 61 years. In recent years, we have consistently diversified our business endeavors and are actively taking up challenges in the fields of nursing, fuel cells, cogeneration and other next-generation energy systems as well as the home-delivery service of natural mineral water nation-wide in Japan.

In July 2003, we adopted a unique brand strategy for gas energy and launched, in cooperation with our group of city gas companies, a new brand called "Gas One". This brand name implies both our commitment to "Customer first operations" and to "Being the number one choice by customers in our region". It also expresses our determination to "Become the number one LPG and energy supplier in our territory".

The new Gas One brand will unite our LPG Retail Division and our LPG sales outlets, bringing all employees in the entire corporate group together in solidarity to ensure that we continue to deserve the trust of our more than six hundred thousand customers.

In September 2004, we consolidated three LPG centers in Saitama Prefecture to create "The Gas One Park, Ageo", one of the largest inland LPG distribution facilities in Japan. On the grounds of The Gas One Park, Ageo, we created a state-of-the-art Customer Service Center. This facility is designed to take full advantage of LPG as clean and dispersed type energy. Through this and other concrete manifestations of our corporate commitment to "Customer first operations," we intend to be a 21st century LPG supplier helping to build further affluent local communities.

In 2005, we took a new step toward broad popularization and utilization of our brand. We established a chain store named "Gas One shop", which will allow us to take maximum advantage of our power as a chain. We are creating these shops to serve as "The customer's energy home partner" or, "The closest partner to our customer" Based on our over 60 years of experience and accumulated technical expertise, they are moving us rapidly toward our energy leadership goal.

Recently, Saisan has also focused on the expansion of medical and environmental related businesses, in order to further follow Japanese and world trends. We have also started three overseas LPG projects in the Asian area, namely, China in 2008, Mongolia in 2010 and Vietnam 2012. We would like to further expand overseas projects for the Asian-Pacific area.




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